Third Eye Theater:
Interpreting for the Stage

Interpreting For the Stage

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Harnessing the power of the arts builds cultural and linguistic respect and understanding between and within communities. 

Third Eye Theater's mission is to create equivalent 
artistic experiences for both the deaf and hearing. 

Third Eye Theater is dedicated to:

  • providing a range of performance interpreting styles for the stage
  • engaging in outreach opportunities for participants, performers and patrons
  • creating an environment  that involves both the deaf and hearing communities in the art itself.

Third Eye Theater is proud to say its interpreters, specialists and consultants have several decades of experience specific to: 

  • community, collegiate and professional theater
  • pre-K through collegiate instruction
  • performance and community interpreting.   

Our interpreters, specialists and consultants carry degrees and certifications in drama, education and interpreting, at both the state and national levels and have won awards for their work regionally and nationally.

Because of this unique type of artistic and cultural practice and performance there are opportunities unlike any other for participating organizations, performers, and patrons to learn, engage and become a positive force for change and understanding.

Third Eye Theater and Benefits to your Business
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Patrons with hearing loss, like any other, do not attend performances or events in isolation. They attend with friends and family. Potential ticket purchases to your event may depend on whether accommodations have been secured for those who are part of the deaf community, which is not limited to the deaf and hard of hearing, but includes: interpreters, hearing signers, students of the language and culture, friends, family and those who support American Sign Language and Deaf Culture.

Some in this community may decide to attend a particular performance or event hosted by an organization who is known for consistent, professional accommodative services.

Once the interpreted experience has been positive and consistent  hearing and deaf patrons may promote the events your organization offers above those of other organizations.

Offering highly professional accommodative services to a linguistic minority may easily engender the full support of your organization, by those who support minority issues as an overall philosophy.

The American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) Title III requires that an agency or facility providing services to the public must be accessible to consumers with disabilities. In the event that your agency/facility will be serving consumers who are deaf or hard of hearing, you may need to obtain the services of a sign language interpreter. For ADA and Tax Benefit information please visit

Third Eye Theater is a part of Aldebaran Interpreting .  If you are in need of general interpreting services please visit

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